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Tapet med giraff

With its long neck and distinctive patterning, the giraffe is a popular motif on wallpapers, both large and small. Brown, yellow, orange, black and white - regardless of colour scheme, we are fascinated by the savannah's tallest animal. This is why putting giraffe wallpaper on our walls is so popular. 

Why you should have a giraffe wallpaper

A cute giraffe wallpaper is perfect for dressing the walls in a children's room. Maybe it is the giraffe's long neck or its beautiful colour that makes it so popular. Quite simply, wallpaper with giraffes is a graceful and beautiful motif to brighten any room and works extremely well on a feature wall.

Buy your wallpaper with giraffe motifs from us

With us, you can buy wallpaper with giraffes at affordable prices. A paper with cute giraffes is great for a playroom as well as any child's bedroom. The wallpaper with realistic giraffes gives an exotic feeling of the African savannah, which would work in a dining room or contemporary living room, as would giraffe print wallpaper. You will find all our wallcoverings with animal patterns in the category SKIN. Papers with animal motifs are in the category ANIMALS, and cute children's wallpapers are in the category CHILDREN.